Documentary Films & Event


I making some documentary films also Event for Institution and Local Goverment and little music accoustic cover. I uploaded on J.W Creative Works and Jalan Weru.

Moons at 15th

The Last Ramadan at School

Ramadan Street Event

Family Trah Gathering

Buka Bersama With J.W and Alumni

River Tubing Ngargoyoso

Volley Ball Match Muhawa vs Muhtiwa

Muhawa Outbonds

Muhawa Gathering With Era Trans Tour

Social media Gathering

Local Football Match

Bengkel Surya Muhada - BITMu Gathering

Culture of Village

Culinary Festival

Minister of Agriculture visit to Sukoharjo

Weru From Other Colours

Traditional Market

Weru From Other Side

Covid Vaccination

Covid Rescue

Sosialisasi Exalos Indonesia

Wis Tatas Accouctic Cover

Rural People in Covid Outbreak

Village Atmosphere

Tradisional Games in Indonesia

Walk Into Dream ( WaM Films - Dean Mhm )

Dean Mhm
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