Walking on The Simple Landscape

Walking on The Simple Landscape

That wasn't a serious trip, We just spend a day for relaxation, looking for a fresh atmosphere. One hours trip we pass the hills and trees at the place called "Bukit Seribu' or Thousand Hills because of many much hills on there.

We visit a beach called "Pok Tunggal", we need to pay attribution fees around $1/person. The road to the beach is tortuous and narrow, We must carefully. 

We're here during the full moon phase, so we got the waves so big and every minute the wave is high tide. Must carefully when playing in the water,

For information, beaches in this region haven't white sand but brown. You could be enjoying the landscape are beautiful, maybe this place is not recommended for you who want to get peaceful and quite like the private beach because of many local tourists came here. 

If you want to get some quiet beaches you must visit a natural beach in here. you could read another recommendation on my last blog.

We also visit another beach, the location is close separated by hills, just need around 5-minute. Called "Watu Lawang", here you can see 2 beaches separated by a little hill and you could see the amazing sea from this hill.

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