Met A New Friend From Russia At Cemara Sewu Beach

January 27, 2019. I did a short trip to Yogyakarta, I visited Plaosan temple located Prambanan, Klaten, just around 30 minutes from Yogyakarta. a quiet place with a unique temple, we need to take out less $1 or around IDR 5000 for a ticket.
After we have done in the Plaosan Temple, we continue the trip to Cemara Sewu Beach, if you knew Parangtritis beach the most famous beach in Yogyakarta, Cemara Sewu beach just near from there, from Parangtritis you just go to the west, maybe around 5 - 10 minutes.

I got a special moment here, met a new friend from Russia, he is Dmaskaev. actually, I don't have brave to talk in English. I have bad English, I've ventured to say hello to him, and he responds to me.